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There is religious freedom; all major faiths have the ability to share and propagate their faith. Religious harmony is remarkably high given the size and activism of Christian and Muslim communities.

POPULATION:  4,865,576  (2015)
CAPITAL CITY:  Dodoma (Official)  *  Dar-es-Salaam (de facto)

The ministry in Tanzania was actually initiated by some of our original leadership team in 1997 – about three years before GCI was formally organized.  The majority of our efforts have been focused on a partnership with a ministry called “Voice of Victory” headed up by Pastor Unity Msame; and has included the purchase of a 5-acre parcel of ground, and development of a ministry compound in an impoverished, Muslim community on the outskirts of the city of Moshi.  Over the past two decades, GCI has provided funding for the construction of a church, a pre-school for about 130 children, housing for staff, and most recently, a medical clinic.

Numerous short-term ministry teams have assisted in many Church leadership, empowerment conferences, support for the care of widows and orphans, training for their school teachers, a micro-loan program to assist rural church congregations, medical clinic outreach through medical teams, provision of a tractor to help start a custom farming business intended to help with payroll for the medical clinic staff, and annual, financial support for two large youth conferences.


Tanganyika gained independence from Britain in 1961, Zanzibar in 1963. The two countries united as a one-party federal socialist republic in 1964, although Zanzibar retained a considerable degree of autonomy. The one-party system ended in 1992, and a multiparty democracy was instituted. For 50 years, Tanzania has remained stable in a troubled region. Zanzibar remains a troubled region, both internally and in its links to the mainland.
Key Objective: 

To help the Church find favor in the eyes of the local Muslim community through humanitarian deeds of mercy, a solid educational experience at the school, and physical help at the medical clinic in order to earn the right to share the life-changing message of the Gospel with them


One of the world’s poorest nations wherein an agricultural subsistence economy dominates. Earlier disastrous efforts to socialize the economy still weigh heavily on the nation through debt- servicing costs and expensive but ineffective infrastructure. Health and education sectors require massive investments. Continues to attract aid and investment due to its stability and dedicated leaders. Great potential through mineral deposits and a huge tourist industry.

Public debt 23.2% of GDP.  
Income/person $520 (1% of USA).