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Mobile Educational Experience

Draft Exterior of Mobile Educational Experience

The "Experience" is broken in to difference sections that tell the story of sex trafficking in the United States.  The experience uses video, music, lighting, text and images to educate everyday people about what human trafficking looks like, how victims are targeted, as well as the tools traffickers use to 'groom' their victims.

In the USA, kidnapping is not a tool most used by traffickers to enslave our kids.  They use FRAUD & COERCION to manipulate our teens and young adults into believing that they only want the best for them.  Traffickers are patient, and work to gain the trust of their targets, convincing them that they care and want to help make their lives better. 

Today's traffickers are former drug dealers and gang members, and many are business men who have discovered that you can only sell a drug ONE time, but you can sell someone for sex over and over again.   The average trafficker in the US, makes between $100,000-250,000 per victim, per year!  

According to the Rocky Mountain Innocence Lost Task Force, in Denver, Traffickers make $50,000 per WEEK by selling young men, women, and children for sex.

We believe that if communities are informed, they will be able to recognize human trafficking activities happening within their own communties, and have the tools to know what to do when they see it!  We also believe that if parents and teens understand HOW traffickers are targeting our young people, and WHO they are targeting, we will be able to prevent them from EVER becoming a victim in the first place!
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Become a Fighter

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Everyone who walks through the Mobile Educational Experience will be given the opportunity to hear stories of real-life they were targeted and what we as a community can do to be sure our loved ones will not become the next victim of this horrible crime!  

Sex Trafficking is a very complex problem, and we understand that it is impossible to tell everything we know, and want you to learn, in a 15-minute experience.  So, we are developing an ongoing  SOCIAL MEDIA & EMAIL educational campaign that will allow individuals to participate, at the level that suits their interest and abilities, in the effort to help protect America's families from human trafficking. 

"No one can do everything, but EVERYONE can do SOMETHING!"
                                                                                                                  - Max Lucado 

Each of us has a unique area of influence, and if we will commit to help educate the people around us about INTERNET SAFETY and how traffickers are targeting our youth - whether through social media posts, personal conversations, or participating in events - we will help put an end to human trafficking!

We must each say, "Not on my watch!  Not in my City!  Not in my Community!  Not in my Neighborhood!  and Not EVER in my Home!" 

It only takes ONE!
                       ONE post...
                       ONE text...
                       ONE tweet...
                       ONE Conversation...
                       ONE save a life! 

a Fighter!