WELCOME to Global Connection International!
"Connecting PEOPLE who CARE with the WORLD's GREATEST NEEDS"
There are an estimated 45.8 MILLION  victims of human trafficking and modern day slavery in the world today.  More than any other time in history!
We are focused on the following areas of trafficking and modern day slavery:

  1. Child Sex Trafficking
  2. Child Labor
  3. Awareness
  4. Prevention

Every 30 SECONDS, the average length of a TV commercial, someone new becomes a victim of human trafficking!

We partner with credible organizations who are working in the trenches, helping rescue
and restore victims of labor and sex trafficking around the world. We are also committed
to bringing awareness and providing important tools for prevention.  The exploitation of men,
women and children for profit has become a $150 BILLION Industry and we are committed
to helping bring hope and a future to as many survivors as we can...one child at a time!
Meet the Team
Get to know a little bit About Us,  Our History and meet our President, Admin and Board of Directors.
About Us
Our Projects
We are working on various projects that focus on different aspects of the war human trafficking - Including rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration, and awareness/prevention.
Providing freedom, building character and offering hope for victims through the sale of   Survivor-made gifts and tees.
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